Flying Field Layouts


The minimum distances provided in the figures below are MAAC minimum recommended distances for safe-flying when provision of a safety fence is impractical. The first figure presents the preferred field layout. To accommodate the prevailing wind direction, or to ensure safe flying conditions near the end of the day when the sun would otherwise be in the pilot's eyes, it is permissible to rotate this layout by 90 degrees provided all pilots present are in agreement (See second diagram below) It is the responsibility of all pilots to ensure that the flight line in front of the pilots, the pilot stations, pits and spectator boundary shall be identified with temporary markers such as mini traffic cones, coloured cables or bean bags etc. Driving stakes into the turf is not permitted



As stated previously, the alternative layout presented below is intended to accommodate easterly and westerly winds (ie winds perpendicular to the road) and late day flying to avoid having to look towards the sun:




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