Location of OREO flying field.


As of July 2022, there are two OREO flying fields in use. One is a sod farm field located in North Grenville on Boundary Road ( see map below). This is currently the preferred field since there is plenty of room and it is a quiet location with little in the way of “disturbances”.

The other field currently in use is the Twin Elms rugby club in Richmond. We can use the free space over the 4 rugby pitches at the back of the club house provided there are no members of the general public using the location.

Please join OREO (it's free) & follow the club chat-group for status updates.

To get to the preferred field , use River Road or RR19 which lies immediately east of the Rideau River, turn off 'River Road' onto Boundary Road and after about 2km you should look for a large flat rectangular grassy field immediately after a solid wall of tall trees. It is actually one of the Greenway sod-farm fields, and their maintenance workshops are located on the same side of the road and just slightly further on.

Map to main flying field:

See Field Map with GPS co-ordinates

Detailed directions to Boundary Road via River Road in North Grenville:

If you like a scenic route, head east on RR8 from the crossroads in Manotick, go over the bridge and continue until you see Tim Horten’s and Drummond's gas station on RR19 or ‘River Road’. Turn right onto “River Road”. It’s a long trek down that road, but very pleasant as you are in sight of the river much of the time. Go past the Hurst Marina and the Swan Inn, and continue for a further 7.5 km when you should see Boundary Road on your left, just as River Road bends sharply to the right. Make a left turn onto Boundary Road.

Another good way to get to the field is to go south on the ‘416’, and take the Roger Stevens exit. Turn left and head in an approximately easterly direction towards Kars. Cross the Rideau River with the Swan Inn and Hurst Marina on your left, and take a right on RR19 or “River Road”. Continue for roughly 7.5km until you see Boundary Road on your left, just as River Road bends sharply to the right. As a guide it takes about 25-30 minutes to get to the field from Barrhaven